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Have us cater your next function with our finger food choices.


Your choices are not limited. If you have any alterations, or any suggested added items, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs.


                    for any inquiries



Option 1

16.5 pp


Party Pies

Home-made sausage rolls

Mini Dim Sims

Spicy Meatballs – Spicy beef with sweet chilli sauce

Vegetarian samosas or Mini spring rolls - sweet chilli & soy sauces

Option 2

choice of 5 items

19.5 pp


Spinach and ricotta pastry rolls – tomato relish

Crumbed fish goujons – tartare sauce

Vegetarian spring rolls or samosas – sweet chilli & soy sauces
Cajun Spiced Chicken Wings

Arancini - crumbed Arborio rice balls served with tomato relish


Option 3

choice of 5 items

from 25 pp


Prawn Gyoza (Steamed Japanese dumpling) – sweet soy
Satay chicken skewers

Salt and pepper squid – confit garlic aioli

Spinach and ricotta pastry rolls – tomato relish

Crumbed Calamari Rings – tartare sauce

Chorizo meatballs - Veal & pork meatballs cooked with paprika in a tomato sauce
Chicken Saltimbocca Spikes - Prosciutto wrapped chicken & sage bites
 Feta & herb eggplant rolls

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